Microsoft Excel Shortcut Keys

If you are familiar with MS Excel, and you want to speed up your work then these keyboard shortcuts will save you lots of time. And you will become a little expert in Excel. We have consolidated the most frequent Excel shortcuts that will help in your daily work or office work. Even if you […]

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How to Create Function in Excel VBA

If you have used excel, you also probably used some excel formulas like sum, average, count, etc. But do you know that these formulas are pre-loaded functions in excel? Yes, these all are functions and you can also create your own functions in excel using VBA coding. Creating a function for you will be very […]

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How to Convert Text Files into Excel Using VBA Script

By this vba code, you can convert all text files available in a folder into excel version. This code is very simple, just put in your code window and you are done. Folder Location:¬†C:\Source Folder\ Step 1:¬†Open Excel and Press key¬†Alt+F11. It will open Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications Window. Step 2:¬†Go to¬†Insert >> Module¬†menu. […]

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How to Open Files From Excel List Using VBA Script

If you have multiple files in a folder with different names and you want to open only some of them, then this simple code will help you. All file names are mentioned in excel sheet1. You can also add some working tasks in the VBA code, so it will open the file and save it […]

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Copy Files From FTP Location Using VBA Script

Suppose you want to download files from single or multiple FTP directories to the local folder, then this code will help you. You can download all available files or particular files from the FTP folder. FTP Server Address:¬† FTP Folder Location:¬†“/HOME/Data_Files/” and “/HOME/Data_New/” Local Folder Location:¬†C:\Source Folder\FTP Files\ Step 1:¬†Open Excel and Press the key¬†Alt+F11. […]

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How to Unhide All Sheets in Excel Using VBA Script

Suppose you have an Excel Workbook with multiple sheets. If you want to hide all sheets except one active sheet then you can use this code. It is very easy to code. Just follow the below steps and you are done. Step 1:¬†You have to open Visual Basic Editor in Excel. Press the key¬†Alt+F11. Step […]

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How to Run SQL Query Using VBA Script

Here is a simple VBA macro code to run SQL Query from excel. And you can assign a command button to execute your query. Also, you can get the output of that query in your excel sheet very easily. So for example let the Server name as sql_server_name, the Database as database_name, and TableName as […]

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Basic Commands in SQL for Beginners

I am sharing some very important SQL Commands at the beginner level. These commands are very common and useful in everyday office work if you are using SQL. So, I am sharing different types of commands with syntax. Basically, SQL is a Structured Query Language or you can say Standard Language for accessing and manipulating […]

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How to Merge PDF Files Using Python Script

This python script can merge multiple pdf files without any limitations. It is easy to use and can combine files in a short moment. If you have many pdf files and you want to merge them into one pdf. So, there are so many online websites and software tools that can merge pdf files into […]

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How to Unzip Files Using Python Script

This is a very useful script to unzip all zip files in a folder with a single click. You can also run this script from the batch file. With this python script code, you can unzip a single zip file and multiple zip files. And with small changes, you can either extract the files in […]

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