Get Certified AZ-900 With This Step By Step Guide

Getting the #AZ900 certification might seem hard, but I did it in only 2 days.

I’ll show you how I did it. We’ll follow three steps to make it easy.

First, learn from online modules and take tests.

Then, watch a helpful video. Finally, practice with exam questions until you do really well.

This guide will make it simpler for you, whether you’re new to this or just want to prove you know Azure.


Step 1 – Complete the Learning from Microsoft

It is a total of 11 modules and covers the fundamentals of Azure.

Pay close attention to the knowledge check at the end of each module.

AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals-SiimpleMSOffice.Com


Step 2 – Watch This Video on YouTube

Watch this amazing cram video by John Savill. It’s a little over 3 hours long but has great material.

This should be more of a refresher for the material you studied in step 1.



Step 3 – Practice Exam to Test Your Knowledge

It is a total of 50 questions.

I highly recommend answering each question with “check your answer” and read the info.

Wrong or right, read it. Do it until you can score 90% consistently.

Take Your Test Here

Hope this helps you on your journey to becoming certified.



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