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My name is Imran Khan and Full-Time employee in R1 as Senior Engineer. I have been started working with Excel in 2007. As time passes, I learned so many things in computer languages. So, I am writing and providing tutorials about Excel, VBA, Batch Commands, and SQL.

I have created this blog for all those people who want to enhance their skills in MS Office and other script languages for their job work.

In our blog, we have posted scripts in different computer languages like Python, VBA Macro, Word Tricks, Excel Tricks, and PowerPoint Tricks. So you can use it in your daily routine work. With these scripts, you can automate and reduce your work very easily.

We have given a step-by-step process so you can apply codes and scripts very easily even if you are a beginner.

And we thank you all to visit our blog.

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Imran Khan
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